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Who We Are

Your Source for CRM Consultation

We have a talent for understanding your business processes. During the course of your free consultation session(s), we patiently listen and familiarize ourselves with your company operations. Your goals and concerns become ours. We do our best to guide you through the steps of your CRM project.

Our "real-world" business experience reaches beyond CRM implementation. For over 20 years our skills have been developed in sales engineering, group presentation (training/instruction), process documentation, IT support, sales process improvement, business development, marketing support, product development, quality management and many more.

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Unbiased Guidance
We do not represent or resell any specific CRM solution.


Free Consultation
We invest time to get to know your company - at no cost to you.


Services A La Carte
We have no program or agenda. Purchase only what you need.


Real-World Experience
We have over 20 years in operations and sales process.

Our History


Configured and administered ACT! system. Utilized CRM tool within sales process. Maintained database and supported IT requirements.


Evaluated multiple CRM providers. Administered and customized Zoho CRM. Integrated CRM within the sales process. Maintained database and supported IT requirements.


Removed an ineffective CRM. Created new company CRM specifications. Qualified competing providers. Evaluated finalists. Selected, administered, and implemented SugarCRM. Supported operations with ongoing customizations.


Provided CRM analysis and selection services for multiple clients. CRM Select was officially born.