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CRM Select -

Services Overview

CRM Consulting
We provide clients with assistance in selection, configuration, implementation, and administration of CRM solutions.

Process Documentation
Our company authors documents such as user guides, operational procedures, and manufacturing instructions.

Client Training
We educate your company on the "how-to's" of CRM, software, or hardware use. We can hold sessions for individuals or groups.

IT Support
We offer help with hardware and software infrastructure as it relates to business operations and CRM requirements.

Software Administration
We manage users as well as configure elements for software systems such as desktop applications or CRM solutions.

Sales Process Development
We provide valuable insights for the improvement of sales practices and management. This often involves the use of a CRM system.

Core CRM Services



We provide guidance in CRM selection and evaluation. We help you define what your requirements should be. We assist you in choosing which solution fits your company best.



We spend time to learn the details of any existing or prospective CRM. We help you determine what needs to be improved, added, or customized.



We gain an understanding of your existing processes. In turn, we translate them into actionable steps for converting them into CRM operations.



We manage users, permissions, and roles for your CRM system. In addition, we perform database maintenance and configuration adjustments.