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Informed and Empowered to Choose
Regardless of industry, we save your business money. We do this by helping you to make an educated decision when selecting a CRM. This enables your company to maximize effectiveness of the CRM solution - and avoid a costly mistake.

CRM Selection Process Steps



We provide free consultation time. During these session(s) we get to know you and your company and define your CRM requirements.



Using the feature list we create in Step 1, we search and document CRM providers that possess these characteristics. The solutions that fit will begin to stand out.



After you indicate which CRM(s) look the most promising, we find a means for you to evaluate or "test drive" the software to gain a hands-on impression of the system(s).



Once you have selected and purchased the winning CRM, we carry out the customization of the system so that it begins to improve your company processes.

Successful CRM Installations

(CRM Select) does a great job of understanding market and customer needs and doing the needed homework to develop alternative solutions. Once a desired solution has been identified, (CRM Select) carries through to ensure that the design is well documented and maintains ownership... This ownership of the full process ensures that the final product meets or exceeds the customers expectations. Tony PinkGeneral Manager at Dynamic Ratings, Inc.

There is so much frustration today in trying to select the most beneficial CRM tool that best fits your companys specific needs. Ethan handled my account personally. His knowledge of the various offerings and capabilities and his professional manner were most helpful to me. Try CRM Select today! Jon MercerPresident/Owner of Mercer Midwest, LLC